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Gifted Education

General Information

The Rootstown Local School District is committed to providing an appropriate education for all students within the regular classroom. Instruction is differentiated to provide all students appropriate pacing and support necessary for advanced-level learning.

Presently, the Federal government allows individual states to determine the nature and scope of gifted education. As a result, gifted identification and services vary widely among the states. Some states have a mandate for identification and services while other states may offer virtually nothing. Ohio is in the middle of the continuum in that there is a mandate to identify gifted students but no mandate to serve. As a result, gifted services among the local districts vary as much as the states differ in their requirements.

According to State Law, students can be referred for testing for possible gifted identification at any time. If you would like your child tested for possible gifted identification, please complete both forms below and return them to the Rootstown Board of Education Office, care of Robert Campbell, Director of Teaching and Learning.